Getting Started From Scratch

Starting your blog and starting an online business out of thin air is the toughest stage. You're figuring out what direction to go, what market you want to serve, and even how to get the site set up correctly in the first place.

When you're first starting out, it is important to do so on the proper foundation and with the right mindset in place. That's what we specialize in here at the Blog Marketing Academy.

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Niche Selection

Choosing your niche feels like the most important make-or-break decision you have. But, it doesn't have to be nearly as big a deal. We're picking a market, not a niche. And, if you follow the process with me, you will be testing things the whole way so that you'll never find that you wasted months of your life with the wrong niche.


Having the proper mindset is important as you get started. If you go in focusing on the wrong things or having unrealistic expectations, then you're going to set yourself up to fail. I spend a lot of time helping my students get started on the right footing.

Training From The LAB Library

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Business Building Bootcamp

Workshop series designed to walk you through the process of building up your business from scratch.

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The 10 Step Formula For Starting Your Blog-Based Business From Scratch

The beginning is the hardest part.

There is doubt. There is overwhelm. There is confusion. How do you know that a choice you are making is correct? Will it even work?

To make matters worse, most beginners start out with their priorities in the wrong place. In other words, they start out by blogging. Writing a lot of posts. The problem is, the foundation hasn't been paid yet. And so there is a high likelihood of it being a waste of time.

Now, to be clear, if your goal is just to blog for fun, to have an outlet to be creative, or simply to help people without any aims to make money doing it, then you go right ahead. The order of events is not as important for you. Set up your blog and have at it. And my hats off to you!

However, if your goal is to start a business out of this and make an income doing it, then the sequence of actions matters. 

We don't start by blogging.

I have boiled the process down to a 10-step formula. Now, admittedly, this is pretty high level. There are certainly details beneath each of these 10 steps on how to actually do it. And we cover those details across this blog and certainly within the training courses of THE LAB.

  1. Find your market and begin starting conversations.
  2. Find out what they need and want. Gather information about what they're looking for and who they are, what they're feeling, etc.
  3. Build your minimum site framework. It will consist of a main landing page to get the optin, an about page, a contact page, and a thank you page.
  4. Build your first lead magnet and hook it up.
  5. Run a paid ad campaign to test the lead magnet with your target market.
  6. Based on testing, make adjustments or pivots to the lead magnet until we have one that converts reliably. Optionally pause the ad after this is achieved.
  7. With the people now on your list, reach out and have conversations with them. Our goal is to further develop our customer avatar profile and arrive at our hypothesis for a good offer.
  8. Build the offer and sales page for it. Note that you are NOT building your product yet. This is an offer. We will offer it as a pre-sale.
  9. Turn your ad back on and now test the opt-in paired with your offer. Test sales.
  10. In full communication with subscribers, tweak and pivot your proposed offer until it sells. Our goal is simply to have adequate conversion rate that it makes up for the cost of advertising. We want to (at minimum) break even. Ideally, we make some money.

That's the high-level view. Once you get through these 10 steps, here's where you will be:

  • You will have a lead magnet to build your email list that you know works.
  • You will have a money-making offer that you know works.
  • You will have already made your first sales.
  • You will not have a reliable way to build your traffic with the internet as it works today. You will no longer be a slave to Google.
  • You can now confidently move forward with your blogging knowing full well that it will not be a waste of time.

Yes, there's work involved.

It might even ask that you do some things outside of your comfort zone.

But, it works. And, you know that growth happens when you're outside your comfort zone.

If you want to dive deeper into the details of how to actually go through those 10 steps, the Online Business Roadmap will go into more detail. And, of course, as a full LAB member, you can access all of the training that backs it up.

Download Our Step By Step
Online Business Roadmap

  • A step-by-step checklist for planning, building and growing a blog-based online business from scratch
  • Starts from zero. No email list, no traffic, no blog, no product. The process will guide you through all of it.
  • Stay focused on the right things, in the right order, at the right time in your journey.