Email Marketing & List Building

Your email list is the life blood of your blog and business. It is your source of leverage. It is your ability to direct the attention of your community to what you want - at will.

The skills of building your email list and how to engage and market to your email list are highly important to your success. For that reason, it is something we spend a lot of time on around here.

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Building Your List

Attracting the right people and converting them into email subscribers is pretty much the chief function of your blog.

Engaging Your List

Once they are on your email list, what do you say to them? How do you keep them interested? How do you run a promotion? We've got posts and training on that very topic.

Training From The LAB Library

Email Marketing Engine

What gets sent to your email subscribers after they opt-in? We call it the Email Marketing Engine. Here’s how to build a powerful email system to fuel your business.

Creating An Effective Lead Magnet

Create a truly EFFECTIVE lead magnet. One that not only builds your list, but also attracts valid prospects and gets them into your blog’s funnels.

Perfect Blog Blueprint

Learn the strategies to turn your blog into a strategically designed content marketing environment, primed for conversion.

Building Your Email List

Having web traffic is nice, but it can be fickle. It can go up and down. When they get there, they can scatter around your site. Plus, your site just sits there and reacts.

Social media followings are nice, but social media networks are making it tougher to get your message to them all without paying. Plus, there's just so much noise.

For this reason, your email list is your #1 most valuable asset. You should be building that email list from day one.

Now, does that mean that you toss up a generic opt-in form in your sidebar and be done with it? Offer a "free newsletter", or "Subscribe For Updates"? Heck no. That doesn't work. Not anymore.

A blog is an incredibly powerful list building medium, but you need to be strategic about it. You need to offer some of value (a lead magnet), but it goes further...

We want to have the very structure of your blog primed for list building. We want content upgrades within your blog content (where people are actually paying attention). We want your category structure mapped to lead magnets. 

Your blog is a strategic content marketing environment. One that is primarily aimed at one thing...

Building your email list as efficiently as possible.

But then...

Engaging Your Email Subscribers

Once they're on your list, then what? A lot of people sorta fall flat on their faces at that point.

If all you do is send them your latest blog posts, or some generic "newsletter" every week or month, then you're dropping the ball. And leaving money on the table.

There are 6 types of email campaigns that work together to form a cohesive email marketing strategy. They are:

  1. The Welcome Campaign. An email series 3-5 emails long that is sent to all new subscribers to introduce them to you and your business.
  2. Front-End Sales / Engagement Campaign. An email series that further engages them on the topic of the lead magnet they came in on. The goal is to deepen the relationship and/or earn a first sale.
  3. Onboarding Campaign. An email series sent to a new customer after a purchase in order to encourage consumption, ensure results, and get feedback.
  4. Ascension Campaign. An email series to existing customers to move them further along in your funnel.
  5. Relationship Campaign. Ongoing email series to maintain engagement and funnel them into appropriate content depending on the things they've indicated they are interested in. Relationship campaigns can be both automated and real-time.
  6. Re-Engagement Campaign. An email series specifically sent to inactive subscribers in order to get them engaged again. If they do not respond, they are typically purged from the list.

Another aspect of subscriber engagement that is growing (and the tools are getting better) is on-site engagement. In other words...

What happens when an email subscriber returns to your website again?

Do they see the same opt-in forms? Are they getting pitched stuff they already have? 

Most sites do exactly that. And, for a long time, there wasn't much choice in the matter. However, the tools are getting better. Tools are coming out that offer two-way interaction between your blog and your email tool. This will allow you to put calls to action on your site that react in real-time to who the visitor is, what you know about them, and where they are in your funnel.


Being able to control what forms and calls to action are on your site based on a tag in the person's profile in your email host?

This is how your blog and your email database work together to provide a valuable, personalized experience to every single member of your community. And generate revenue along the way.

Having A Hard Time Coming Up With
Ideas To Build Your List?

Most blog owners don't build their list effectively for one reason... weak lead magnets. Or not enough of them.

Most blogs have a conversion rate to email of maybe 1%. By having strong lead magnets - in the right locations - you can bump that up to 5-6% or higher. I've gotten double-digit conversion rates on blog posts... and 50+% conversion rates on squeeze pages.

It all starts with the lead magnet.