ConvertBox Special Bonus Training

I fully stand behind my recommendation of ConvertBox - and I want YOU to fully realize the power of this tool for yourself, too. So, I want to GIVE YOU access to my course, ConvertBox Essentials, for FREE when you secure your lifetime license to ConvertBox.

About This Course

ConvertBox is simple enough to use, although there are some aspects of it that you won't know right "out of the box". So, part of this course is going to be me personally showing you around the tool, how to use it, and how to get different things accomplished with the tool.

I'm also going to show you some little "tricks" I've learned about how to best do things.

Because here's the thing about ConvertBox...

At the core, it might be simple. But, the power that it provides can easily make you go cross-eyed. If you've ever had a tool that you KNEW was powerful, but you were sitting there mentally "stuck" on how to get started or how to best utilize it... then you know what I mean here.

ConvertBox is such a tool. It can easily be one of those things that you KNOW you can do a ton of "ninja" things with it, but you just need somebody to show you the options.

So, that's another whole section of ConvertBox Essentials. You will be able to watch over my shoulder as I show you some pro-level tips & tricks on how you can use ConvertBox to bring a whole new level of personalization, targeting and conversion to your business.

  • Using ConvertBox for personalized calls to action depending on WHO is on your site - and where they are in your sales funnel
  • Tips & tricks on using ConvertBox along with your blog for list building and sales opportunities
  • How you can use ConvertBox on your membership site
  • How to use ConvertBox along with your marketing automation platform to truly make your site an extension of your CRM
  • Some ways to organize a lot of boxes in your account so you don't lose track of what's going on

This course consists of 23 videos (currently) - totaling 2 hours, 50 minutes of over-the-shoulder training on using ConvertBox.

You will have direct access to me via the course so that you can reach out with personal questions and help to implement ConvertBox into your business. While I don't intend to replace the support options that come with your ConvertBox account, I can definitely supplement them. I know the tool pretty well. :)

So, that's ConvertBox Essentials. Here's how you can get access...

How To Secure Your Access To This Course


Make Your Purchase

Use our affiliate link to purchase your lifetime account for ConvertBox. See the important note below first!


Email Your Receipt

After you get your receipt, forward a copy to us at support or via our contact page.


Get Access

We will verify your purchase and enable access to the course. You will need a free LAB Starter membership to access it.

IMPORTANT: To ensure you get access, I recommend you use an incognito or private browser tab to make your purchase. If you have previously visited ConvertBox, it is possible that a previous browser cookie is already there which would mean your purchase would not be assigned to us, but to somebody else. You'd still get the same lifetime account with ConvertBox, but in order to gain access to THIS course, we need to have received the credit for your sale. If we cannot verify the sale on our end, we cannot open up the course for you.

You can get free access to this course as a special bonus for purchasing ConvertBox through my affiliate link. It costs you nothing extra, obviously.

Alternatively, this course will be open to LAB PRO members, so if you have an active PRO membership you can get access to the course that way.