Over The Shoulder With Thrive Themes

A Training Course That Goes Beyond The Documentation... And Takes You Over The Shoulder Into Real-World Use Of Thrive Themes Tools.

Get Over The Initial Learning Curve. And Learn Some Tricks Along The Way.

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I have been a proponent of Thrive Themes for quite some time. Not only have I recommended it to my students, but I am a user of it myself. In fact, this very page was designed using Thrive Architect. :)

While their themes are fine, the reason I like Thrive Themes so much has nothing to do with their themes. No, it is their suite of tools for content marketers that I love.

Thrive Themes offers the following powerful solutions:

  • Thrive Architect. An extremely powerful page builder that will allow anybody (even non coders) to easily create and design landing pages and blog content that looks fantastic.
  • Thrive Leads. An extremely powerful list building tool for managing all of your opt-in needs across your entire blog.
  • Thrive Comments. A direct replacement for the default comment system on your blog that provides powerful marketing capabilities.
  • Thrive Apprentice. A great system for designing and organizing your online courses - a powerful option if you wish to publish courses on your site (free or paid).
  • Thrive Ovation. A system for collecting, managing and displaying testimonials across your blog. You'll always have social proof to use on demand.
  • Thrive Ultimatum. A powerful countdown timer system, with all kinds of bells and whistles, for making more sales using urgency.
  • Thrive Quiz Builder. A powerful system for building online quizzes to increase engagement and build segmented email lists.

There are others, as well. Such as Clever Widgets, for allowing you to take control of sidebar widgets. Headline Optimizer, for split-testing blog post headlines so you can increase click-throughs. Optimizer, giving you powerful split testing tools without having to use third-party tools that can be overly complicated.

And while many of these plugins can be purchased as standalone options, the absolute best bargain I've ever seen is the Thrive Membership. Which gives you access to every single plugin they've got, all of their themes.

So, yeah. I'm a big fan. :)

I think the Thrive Membership is the best "bang for the buck" you can get for any online entrepreneur building with Wordpress. 

Why I Created This Course

Thrive Themes has really good documentation. They're support is decent. And they really stand behind their stuff like crazy, since updates are coming out all the time. They really earn their keep. :)

But, since I have been recommending Thrive for awhile, I've watched a lot of my students use it. Primarily Architect and Leads. And, what I found is that it takes a bit to wrap you head around how best to use them.

When you're just starting out with something like Thrive Architect, sitting there looking at that "blank slate", it can feel a little overwhelming.

You feel like you've got this gorgeous, powerful tool sitting there, but you're not sure how best to start using it.

And so...

I wanted to fully stand behind my recommendation of Thrive Themes. By providing an additional layer of support over top of what the Thrive Themes team provides.

In this course, you're going to look over my shoulder as I show you the best ways to use tools like Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads, etc.

I'll show you some tricks. I'll clarify some things that might not make total sense immediately. I'll iron out a few confusions.

I'll also be there to answer your questions, so you're not totally reliant only on Thrive Themes support or random Youtube searches.

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