How To Use ConvertBox To Engage And Segment Existing Subscribers

Last Updated on July 29, 2020  

Everybody loves to talk about building your email list. But, what about the people who are already on your list?

What if you could change the calls to action on your blog so that people who are already on your email list see different things?

What could you use this capability for?

As part of my side project to grow my RV blog traffic by 10 times, one of the things I have begun working on was the email list strategy.

I currently have 1 primary lead magnet: an RV Inspection Checklist. And I used ConvertBox to set up some basic opt-in forms on the site for people to opt in for that.

But, what about people who are already on my list?

Do I just keep showing them the same opt-in form? That's what most list building software will do (especially most WordPress plug-ins). But, it is a horrible waste to do that.

One of the most powerful capabilities of ConvertBox is the ability to take control over what calls to action show up to your subscribers.

If they are not a subscriber yet, show them one thing. If they are already on your list, show them something else.

And using ConvertBox, you can even take fine-tuned control over it by showing different calls to action on your website based on the TAGS your individual subscribers have in your CRM.

Let me show you one thing I have set up on my RV blog...

Using ConvertBox To Segment Existing Subscribers

My RV blog already has an email list of almost 1,200 people. It makes no sense for me to continue to show them opt-in forms for my main lead magnet.

So, I set up an alternative CTA that will show up for them in place of the opt-in form. The purpose of it is to collect additional information about them so that I can better personalize emails and content.

Here is the first part of this form:

When it comes to email list segmentation and keeping things relevant, it is pretty useful to know whether they own an RV or not. Plus, if they DO own an RV, I'd like to know what kind of RV they have. So, if they click "Yes", I ask them another question...

Note that this form is set to ONLY show up for people who are already on my email list, but I do not yet have this information about them. In other words, I already know their email address so there is no need to ask for it. Using ConvertBox, I can simply ask them these questions and further enrich their existing profile with new information.

When designing my form in ConvertBox, I set up actions for each of these blue buttons. Here's what happens when they click the button that indicates they own an RV:

When they click that button, it does a couple things:

  • It will TAG them in my CRM to indicate they are an Owner. 
  • It will send them to the next step to ask them what kind of RV they own.

If they click the button indicating they do not own an RV, then...

  • I TAG them as a non-owner.
  • I send them to a simple confirmation, since it wouldn't make sense to ask them what kind of RV they have if they don't have one.

This new information is synced by tags to my email list. I can then use that information to send more personalized emails and keep things relevant. For instance, content about buying an RV would be more relevant to people who don't own one already.

How do I make sure only existing subscribers see this? I'm not asking for their email, so ConvertBox already knows who they are. Well, I do this by controlling the targeting for the ConvertBox:

Whenever anybody opts in for my main lead magnet (the Inspection Checklist), I tag them accordingly. I also set up a generic Subscriber tag only to give me an option to capture existing subscribers who were not tagged otherwise. This allows me to ensure that this box only shows to people who are on my list, since only an existing subscriber would have those tags.

Secondly, it wouldn't make much sense to ask these questions to people who have already answered them. If the person is tagged as an owner or a non-owner, then it means they've already answered the questions. So, each of my targeting criteria also includes that they are NOT tagged either as an owner or non-owner.

The result is that existing subscribers will see this survey form if they haven't already answered it. Once they have, I can show them something else.

Segmenting New Subscribers As They Opt In

Above, I set up a ConvertBox form that will specifically collect additional information after they've already subscribed. But, it can also be quite effective to do it while they are joining your list.

I set up a basic opt-in form right on the homepage of my RV blog that does this. It asks the exact same questions as above, but results in an opt-in depending on the choices they make.

This form is set to appear to people who are not already on my email list. If they click the "No" button, they get an invite to opt in for the Inspection Checklist, since it seems pretty relevant to a potential buyer.

If they click "Yes", I ask them what kind of RV they have. Then, I give them a more general opt-in invite:

This makes the opt-in invite more relevant. But, the whole time, I am collecting information and adding the appropriate tags to their brand new subscriber profile.

Using ConvertBox, you can collect segmentation information before they enter their email and it will remember it. Then, when they DO submit their email address, it will send everything to your CRM all at once.

It works quite nicely. 🙂

Here's Why All This Matters

These days, a sure-fire way to watch your open rates drop (and hence your delivery rates) is to send the same email to everybody on your list all the time.

These days, segmentation and personalization to your email list is pretty important.

You can always collect information about your email subscribers by having them click on specific links in the emails you send them. But...

With a tool like ConvertBox, you can turn every single website visit to your blog into a segmentation opportunity. Even when you just send your subscribers to a new blog post, you can collect additional information to allow you to better personalize things later.

This allows you to keep your open rates and click rates up.

It also allows you to make more money when you make offers to your list.

ConvertBox makes this easy. You don't have to worry about any nerdy stuff like passing variables in your URLs (like with Thrive Leads). ConvertBox is fully integrated with your CRM so that the connection is always there - automatically.

ConvertBox Price Going Up

Right now, you have an opportunity to lock in lifetime access to ConvertBox for one price. You have all the capability and you can even use it on multiple sites.

It's been pretty handy for me since I can now use all the power of ConvertBox for my RV blog.... while I actually bought it for the Blog Marketing Academy. 🙂

But, word is that the price is increasing soon. I caught this in the ConvertBox Facebook group from the founder of ConvertBox...

Based on this, it looks like there's going to be yet another big platform upgrade in August 2020, after which the price will be increasing. I don't know whether that means the lifetime deal is disappearing or not, but I know it will eventually.

ConvertBox is one of the best purchases I ever made for my business. While there is another big upgrade coming up soon, I've already seen numerous major upgrades to this platform. And as a lifetime account holder, I get access to all of them without paying anything extra.

It is also great to see that they're coming out with their own video course to help use the platform, but I already have one. 🙂 And you can gain access to it for free when you purchase ConvertBox through the Blog Marketing Academy.

ConvertBox Essentials (Bonus Training)

You can watch over my shoulder while I personally show you how to get set up with ConvertBox and how to implement it in your business. My goal will be to help radically speed up putting ConvertBox to use without having to figure it all out on your own using just their documentation. Plus, I have a whole section on USING ConvertBox to show you some of the coolest uses for your account.

You can get access to this training FOR FREE as a special bonus for securing your lifetime ConvertBox account via our affiliate link. It obviously costs you nothing extra, but I will earn a commission. But, in exchange for your trust, I will hook you up with a full training course and my personal support as you implement ConvertBox.

This article shows how ConvertBox is WAY more capable than a mere list building plug-in.

It is why I stopped using Thrive Leads and switched to ConvertBox.

ConvertBox has a ton of potential uses - segmentation being just one of them.

If you have any questions about it, just post in the comments below and I'll answer you. 🙂


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